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Finnegan Bio


Born: December 27, 2012
Weight: 9 lbs
Favourite Place to Hide: under the bed covers
Favourite Treat: Almost anything at all (Finnegan loves food), but especially freeze-dried meat treats (you can risk losing a digit trying to feed them to him!)
Favourite Place to be Scratched: All around his face and under his chin

Finnegan is a super expressive kitty, and he has a wide variety of funny facial expressions. He is a mischievous fellow, a real boy personality—he is always on the hunt for food and for mischief. He is also a very relaxed kitty, he rarely hisses or makes any unhappy sounds (even when we are doing something he doesn’t like, like cutting his nails). He is quite a verbal kitty, he will often wander around meowing like a maniac. If he leaves his hoomin’s bed in the night (to use the litter box, for instance) he likes to announce his return with meows (even though his hoomin is sleeping!). He is the sweetest boy, a real cuddle-bug. Sometimes he is so desperate for a lap, he will follow us around waiting for us to sit down so he can jump up and have some love.

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