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Here are some frequently asked questions about Alice & Finnegan:

Are Alice & Finnegan related?
Yes! They are half siblings. They share the same mother.

How old are Alice & Finnegan?
Alice was born in August 2009. Finnegan was born in December 2010. (You do the math!)

What kind of cats are Alice & Finnegan?
They are Siberian Lynx Point.

Where did you get Alice & Finnegan?
We got them from a local breeder (Toronto, ON). Our breeder is no longer breeding, she passed on her business to another breeder.

Can you help me find a breeder?
No, I’m sorry, we can’t—we simply don’t know of any breeders other than the one we used. You will have to do an internet search for a breeder in your area, and hopefully you will find one.

How do you get Alice & Finnegan to pose side-by-side?
We give them an ice lolly (a salmon flavoured popsicle) to lick during those set-up photo sessions. They love the ice lollies, and will sit (for a short while for pictures) and wait to be offered it again. This is also why they are often licking their chops in many of those types of photos. (Learn more in this blog post!)


Why are they always/often licking their chops in sitting on the stool pictures?
See above Q&A!

How do you get them to wear costumes/things on their faces?
We give them an ice lolly to lick which really distracts them from what is happening (for the most part; there are certain things we’ve tried to get them to wear that they just wouldn’t wear, no matter what, so they aren’t ALWAYS cooperative!).

For the Framed Furry Faces (when they wear something on their faces, framing their faces):
Framed Furry Faces stemmed from us noticing people doing the Instagram logo on dogs faces, but we never thought Alice & Finnegan would go for that. One day we got the idea to just give it a try. Alice was on the window ledge, and we tried putting a piece of paper, with a hole cut out of it, on her face. When we did it, she just nonchalantly turned to look out the window again like nothing was happening! She didn’t mind it at all. Finnegan had a similar reaction.


Do you make the costumes that they wear?
We make all of Alice and Finnegan’s costumes ourselves (any of the paper costumes are handcrafted; some items are obviously store/manufactured e.g. Yeti hats)! We see interesting days or holidays coming up in the calendar and we think of what we can do as a costume. Being able to do our Framed Furry Faces (hashtag #framedfurryfaces — their faces through paper costume (see above Q&A)) has opened up a world of ideas.

Do Alice & Finnegan ever get to be just normal cats?
Yes! In fact, they spend most of their time just being normal cats, sleeping, relaxing, playing and chasing each other. Our photo shoots account for a very(!) small percentage of their time; plus photo shoots are always kept very short, as soon as we see them losing interest or getting tired we stop.


Where do you live/who are you?
We are sisters, we are actually twin sisters! We share a condo in downtown Toronto, Canada.

How long have you lived together?
Monica & Finnegan were living in a condo, and Holly & Alice moved in with them in October 2012.

Did Alice & Finnegan always get along?
It’s hard to remember now! It seems they got along fairly well pretty quickly. They started running around together and chasing each other soon after getting to know each other. We think Finnegan likes Alice a bit more than Alice likes Finnegan! This is primarily because Finnegan can really be a pesky little (half) brother to Alice. He will often go and attack her when she is sleeping somewhere. Once she leaves he’ll often settle down in the spot where she was sleeping! But there are also times when Alice will be stalking him, too, and enticing him to play. We don’t think they will ever sleep together all cozy like true brother and sister kitty-cats (hopefully we are wrong, and they will surprise us someday!) because Alice is always a tiny-bit leery of Finnegan because of him always/often attacking her (it’s all just play in his mind, but sometimes Alice gets a bit pissed off by it!).


Are Alice & Finnegan indoor cats?
Yes, they are. We live on the 5th floor of a condo building so they couldn’t be outdoor cats, but we wouldn’t let them outside anyway (no matter where we lived), because there are so many hazards and dangers for outdoor kitties. They do enjoy outdoor time on our deck. Usually Finnegan is wearing a harness out on the deck because he is super adventurous and a real hunter; it’s to keep him safe from venturing into unsafe areas/going over the railing! Alice is much calmer and cautious outdoors, so we don’t worry about her in the same way. We are also always on the deck with them, we don’t leave them out there unsupervised.

When did you start your instagram account? And how do you have so many followers?
We launched @pitterpatterfurryfeet in January 2014. Whenever we posted pictures of Alice & Finnegan on our personal accounts, the pics were always really popular (with lots of likes), so we thought they should have their own account!

We’ve worked really hard on our instagram account. We try and have really good photography and fun pictures/stories to share. We have been featured by many big feature accounts and we were also featured by Instagram (@instagram) for their Weekly Fluff feature, which gained us a lot of new followers.

What camera equipment do you use?
We both shoot with high end Canon gear. You can see our bios on Instagram (@hollysisson and @monicasisson) for more info on what we shoot with.

Can you help me improve my photography?
Unfortunately we just don’t have time to offer personalized advice to everyone on this subject. There is tons that can be read online to help you improve your photography.

In the meantime, here are a few quick and easy tips:

1. Lighting! Make sure you have good lighting on your subject! We can’t stress this enough. Good lighting is always so important, and it’s even more vital when you don’t have a really expensive camera to shoot with.

2. Get Down Low! Get down to your pets eye level, and look for an interesting angle. This will elevate your shot from a snapshot to something special.

3. Pick your moments! You can’t force it, sometimes your pet just won’t cooperate. Make the most of the times when it is working, to get lots of pics ; )

4. Watch Your Backgrounds! It’s easy to get caught up in the moment, and just look at what’s in front of you, but once it’s a picture you suddenly notice that your background is very busy, and it distracts attention away from your main subject. This is really an easy fix, you just always need to keep it in mind and start to be hyper-aware of it when taking your pics. Try different angles and distances, to minimize background problems. Try and position your pet (when you can!) against a cleaner background, and pick up items that are clutter on the floor, etc., before you start taking your pics. If possible choose a nice setting for your pics (e.g. if you have a dog you can go places with an interesting setting/beautiful surroundings to use as a backdrop). If shooting indoors, you can see what you can do to create a nice backdrop for your pet.

5. Get inspired by other good photography! Look for accounts to follow with good photography and get ideas and start to develop you eye. Photography is an art, and a continuing learning experience and the more you work at it, the better you will get.

Find us on Snapchat: pitpatfurfeetPINIMAGE

Find us on Snapchat: pitpatfurfeet

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  • Molly - What type of food or diet do they eat?ReplyCancel

    • ppff - Hi Molly,

      Sorry, we didn’t see your comment until just now! Alice, Finnegan, and now Oliver, all eat a raw diet. They eat food from http://www.bigcountryraw.ca.


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