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Alice Bio


Born: August 25, 2009
Weight: 7.5 lbs
Favourite Place to Hide: the hall closet or behind the espresso machine
Favourite Treat: any baked good (which she never gets unless she steals it)
More Appropriate Fav Treat: Salmon flavoured popsicles (aka Ice Lolly Licks)
Favourite Place to be Scratched: Under the chin, or at the base of her tail

Alice is a sweet little girl, our little Fluff, Fluff (or our little Nut Fluff). She loves a good chin scratching, and will be instantly mesmerized by the outdoors as soon as she is placed on a windowsill. She loves to come onto our laps and knead before settling down for a cuddle. She also loves the espresso machine towel, and will pull it off the machine and rub her face against it, which is super cute (although, then we have to wash the towel!). She is the calmer of the two, where Finnegan will be jumping on the counter impatiently at mealtime, Alice will just circle us and look up at us with her big blue eyes. Although Alice is calmer than Finnegan in many ways, she can also be a nutter, running around and chasing things only she can see, while making chirping little meows.

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