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A Few of Our Favourite Things…

Here are some of the products that we (and Alice & Finnegan) love!


The SmartCat Ultimate Scratching Post:

Alice and Finnegan still have their claws, and we both got this scratching post when they were kittens.


What We Love About It: It’s made of fibrous and durable sisal that naturally inspires scratching. The issue with using a scratching post covered with carpet (or similar material) is that it encourages your kitty to scratch similar tactile sensation items, like your carpet or your sofa. Not exactly what you were hoping for when purchasing a scratching post! Alice and Finnegan never scratch anything other than their scratching post. They love their scratching post. They climb it, and chase each other around it, and sit on top of it!

Find it on Amazon.com (Cdn Link)


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