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The Favourite Toy! Da Bird Feather Teaser!

Da Bird Feather TeaserPINIMAGE

I don’t think we can recommend the Da Bird Feather Teaser toy highly enough! Alice and Finnegan just go cra-cra crazy playing with it. We keep Da Bird in a closet, so they can’t eat Da Bird when we’re not watching, and if they even hear that closet opening, they perk right up. If they are sleeping, and we take Da Bird out and start moving it around, they’re both right there, sometimes stealthily moving in tandem to pounce/jump to try and catch it! It makes a great cat-engaging flapping/whirring sound when you move it through the air, Alice & Finnegan simply can’t resist it!


As you can see, it is fabulous exercise for them! And we hoomin’s also have a great time playing with them with the toy! We love to watch their acrobatic moves as they try and catch Da Bird, their agility and physical skill always amazes us! They also enjoy hiding behind, or climbing up The SmartCat Ultimate Scratching Post while they are playing with the bird, further increasing their physical activity.

DaBird&TunnelThreeUpImagesPINIMAGEThe Leaps & Bounds Peek-a-Boo Pipe Cat Tunnel also comes into play. Finnegan loves tunneling into the tunnel (when it’s just on the floor), but he also likes to tunnel in and ‘hide’ from Da Bird, so he can snag it at the open end of the tunnel. Alice prefers the hide and stalk method, she doesn’t like to be completely out in the open when trying to catch Da Bird. The Leaps & Bounds Peek-a-Boo Pipe Cat Tunnel becomes her own version of tall grass or a bush to hide behind. Finnegan also likes to hide behind the tunnel and pounce up to catch the bird.

If you don’t already have one, and are looking for a great fun interactive toy to play with with your cats, you can find Da Bird Feather Teaser at amazon.com (or amazon.ca for our Canadian readers). We highly recommend picking up some Da Bird Feather refills at the same time, as the feathers do break down and get destroyed by the cat’s enthusiastic play, you can find the refills at amazon.com (or amazon.ca for our Canadian followers).

As you can see by this Flipagram we created, Alice & Finnegan LOVE it!:-)

Products mentioned/shown:

Da Bird Feather Teaser (Cdn Link)
Da Bird Feather Refills (Cdn Link)
The SmartCat Ultimate Scratching Post (Cdn Link)
Leaps & Bounds Peek-a-Boo Pipe Cat Tunnel


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