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Alice & Finnegan think we are big stupid cats…

BigStupidCatsPINIMAGEAlice & Finnegan think we are big stupid cats…!

According to a British anthropologist named John Bradshaw, in his book Cat Sense, cats don’t know that we are a different species. They think of humans as cats—albeit big, dumb, non-hostile ones. I’ve heard that this is why cats bring us their hunted prey, because we are just far too big and stupid to catch our own!

We thought this was the funniest thing ever, that Alice & Finnegan would think of us this way. Ever since learning about this, we have referred to ourselves as big, stupid cats. E.g. Alice & Finnegan are wondering “what are the big, stupid cats doing now?” or “when are the big, stupid cats going to feed us?”. In fact, we’ve made the decision that ALL animals think we are big, stupid cats. E.g. when we are out in the country taking pictures of horses, we joke that the horse is wondering “what are those big, stupid cats doing? Why do they have those big, black eyes pointed at me?” (*big, black eyes/aka camera lenses*).

Do your cats think you are big, stupid cats, too?

(NOTE: Bradshaw actually says that cats think humans are big, SLOW cats, but we thought stupid was funnier. While we think it seems impossible that they think we are cats at all, we also think it’s funny that they do (or might), and referring to ourselves as ‘big, stupid cats’ is kind of a fun game. The author observed cats for a number of years before drawing his conclusions.)


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  • Kay - My cats never bring me anything (but they’re indoor cats, so they can’t hunt anyway), so I’m gonna say they do not think me stupid — actually, they’d better think me the very opposite given that I am the only one in the house who can “hunt” (i.e. provide food, from the store of course). I’ve always wondered if they think of me as a big cat, even though I look/smell/act nothing like them. I tend to think the answer is no, though — after all, they realize that dogs are not cats (or do they?), and mice are not cats, so they must have an idea of the concept of different species, right?ReplyCancel

    • ppff - This theory is based on John Bradshaw’s work (he actually says they think we are big, SLOW cats, but we thought big, stupid cats was funnier. We agree, it seems nuts that they think we are big cats, and that they don’t realize/know we are a different species. You could check out the book to learn more. For us, it’s kind of a joke in our pitter patter furry feet family, that we humans are big, stupid cats. It’s just funny and fun to refer to ourselves that way.ReplyCancel

  • Anita - As for my cat, I’m sure, he thinks that we are big and stupid.. but it seems to me, he thinks he is human… Sorry for my bad English ))))ReplyCancel

    • ppff - Haha! Yes, sometimes they can seem quite human!ReplyCancel

  • katrina ingram - I just love your cats and enjoyed reading all about them. Do you have a similar site for Oliver?ReplyCancel

    • ppff - Hi Katrina,

      No, we’re just really bad about updating our blog! We have to do try and find some time so we can add some Oliver content. 😉


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