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Getting Alice & Finnegan to pose and stick their tongues out…how we do it!

Two of our most frequently asked questions are: “how do you get Alice & Finnegan to sit side by side/pose for you?” and “why do Alice & Finnegan always have their tongues out/why are they always licking their chops in so many pics?”


It all started with the broth from a can of salmon. We always give Alice & Finnegan the gunky bits from the canned salmon (the skin and whatnot), plus we used to give them the broth from the can, too. One day we got the idea to try and freeze it for them to lick it. We weren’t sure if they would like it (seems funny to think that now), so for the first try we made a simple (and not overly photogenic!) ice cube ice lolly. Needless to say it was a big success!


Give me that ice lolly, says Finnegan!


It’s delicious, says Alice!


Yum, yum…the ice lollies are a big hit!

Once we found they were a hit, we wanted to make some that looked better than just an ice cube on a stick, so we bought some fancy spaceship designed popsicle molds from the dollar store… not a great idea! When it came time to try them, they were super hard to get out of the mold. We had to melt them quite a bit just to get the ice lolly out.


The unsuccessful rocket ship style ice lollies. They still tasted delicious, but too much was melted away just trying to get the ice lolly out of the mold!


Cute shot glass ice lolly.

We managed to improvise. We found the rocket ship sticks fit perfectly inside a shot glass, to create cute, little ice lollies. However, having shot glasses (made of glass) in the freezer was not ideal.


Eureka…successful ice lolly molds at last!


Our ice lolly lick molds!

Finally we found better quality ice lolly molds at our local grocery store. Not only do the the ice lollies come easily out of the molds, the handle/stick also matches Alice & Finnegan’s blue eyes!

You can find the same molds on Amazon.com. Of course, Amazon.com has a huge selection of molds. If we could, we’d get these ice cream cone molds or these cute lollypop style ones! (In Canada? Find the molds we got on Amazon.ca)

Discovering ice lollies has helped us get all kinds of great shots of Alice & Finnegan, because (let’s face it!) cats can be pretty uncooperative sometimes!


How else could we get Finnegan to pose (and lick) inside a giant cereal box?!


Or get Alice to do a cute side-tongue-lick out on the deck?


Or get Alice and Finnegan to pose side-by-side in matching hats and bow ties?


Ice lolly licks!

Now not every cat is going to react or be as cooperative as Alice & Finnegan; they are pretty special kitties, after all. They are now well conditioned for our photo shoots, when the stool comes out and the ice lollies appear, Alice & Finnegan know just what to do. But they are still tricky subjects. We have to be super fast to get the shot, as they will often drop their heads, or quickly look away. It takes lots of licking and lots of shooting to get these cute pics!

So now you know all about ice lolly licks and the secret behind the licking photos! See our FAQ’s page for more frequently asked questions.

Do you have a question you’d like us to do a blog post about? Let us know in the comments below!

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